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About SexNote

SexNote is an adult game that has NSFW content. This visual novel fulfils the wildest fantasy about stepmoms for many men. Have you ever thought about a magical book, which will teach and grant you the power of seduction and getting laid? Well, you are in for a treat with this game then. xGames is responsible for creating this game. If you watch anime, then you must have heard about the popular series called “Death Note?”

Well, just by the name, you could tell that SexNote has garnered inspiration from the series. But here’s the catch; this enchanted book isn’t filled with scary stuff but only fun adult content. It allows you to experience all your sexual fantasies. SexNote is quite popular in the adult gaming community and is continuously garnering more fans as time passes.

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The Story

The main protagonist of the game lives with his two lesbian mothers and a step-sister. He is adopted and also has a very shy personality, making it hard for him to talk to other girls. But everything changes one day when a magical book falls right in front of him inside the classroom. Here, the book is called as SexNote, and it introduces him to a plethora of magical powers.

He seeks the assistance of Gomory to learn and acquire all the magical skills. Gomory is the books’ guardian demon. His life is changed permanently as he becomes a whole different person. It is evident from the way he acts and interacts with all of his friends and families. Everyone around him is taken back by his new behaviour but definitely not complaining.


The gameplay in SexNote is primarily narrative-driven. Here, the player will need to start navigating multiple environments for exploring through the click and point mechanics. He will also come across a list of characters for interaction. It will take up the majority of your time since you will have to begin developing relationships with all these folks. You have to talk to them daily, take tough decisions and make your move when the perfect time comes.

SexNote also possesses certain additions to the game, which are deemed unconventional and is found in many other titles of the genre, but they work out just fine. There is a spell system, which enables you to begin sealing the deal with a list of characters.

SexNote also features a monetary aspect as part of the game, along with a day and night cycle and a dating system that’s greatly refined. The game is quite generous with the things that you are able to do.

However, the style of art used in the game may not be up to everyone’s taste with the cel-shaded or animated counterparts in specific. It is because they may appear a little rough or unfinished around its edges. So, the characters don’t really compliment the refined background and may appear out of place.

The proportions tend to be off on the boobs and other body parts. Plus, the textures tend to be inconsistent. If you aren’t a fan of the flash games from the mid-2000s, then it may not be your first pick.

The user interface and design are okay for the most part. One great thing about the game would be its accessibility. The players can easily pick up their devices and start playing the game. Also, the controls tend to be quite simple, making it easier for the rookies to catch up smoothly.

The mini-map navigation and clickable mechanics are quite similar to its predecessors. Plus, the functionality of the game is just fine. Plus, the game will have a lot of sexual content involving different characters in various places.

If there’s one thing that we love, then it would be its excellent visual storytelling. The addictive plot of the game comes as no surprise since Death Note is responsible for inspiring it. The game’s main protagonist possesses a mobile phone that displays his relationship points.

It will help show the amount of progress that you have made with them in the game because the points will testify so. As the game progresses, you will be able to improve all your magical abilities.

You will have access to four magical abilities in the game, and they will also act as your guide. When you discover the SexNote at the beginning of the game, you can expect a Shinigami to show up and give you the mission of rebuilding the magical world. So, the need for improving your magical skills set arises. Here, the abilities include:

  • Agamoto Eye – This ability allows you to view both the magical beings and the magic itself.
  • Ayax’s Hand – It enables you to successfully absorb all the magical powers. It functions as a magnet.
  • Sauron’s Mouth – With this magic, you get to possess the ability to manipulate other people. You can do so by simply engaging in a conversation with someone.
  • Jamlij’s Heart – Now, this ability enables you to break the limitations of absorbing magic.